Monday, 28 March 2011


Okay, so I thought being in a relationship was my major issue in life, well if you wanna be single and caring then you better be ready to hide out literally and emotionally!!

I am coming to the realization that females just might be worse at reading signals than the male counterparts because everything you do is either deciphered as a vibing ploy or being more than it really is - just a guy being nice and caring!

I know men have most times projected the impression that the only thing they are interested in is jumping into a girls pants which is incredibly sensible from a guys point of view i agree but sometimes there comes a guy who just wants to be there, and do not confuse it with being available! Big Difference

Its difficult to convince ladies that a guy is not thinking about getting physical and sometimes this may send beautiful platonic relationships into a very wrong direction which the guy was reluctant to go into in the first place, until it comes to a point where a guy realizes that he has crossed the line because he was being nice and  soon doing the right thing and do what he should have done in the first place makes him the bad guy but then is it fair to continue like everything is okay when in fact things are totally out of control??

Sometimes girls ignore the signals that the guy is not that into you or think that may be in the future things will change! Well thats a huge risk to take and i guess sometimes it works out but what if it back fires? why then would you blame the guy when the you knew something was lacking in the first place ...
Why isn't it okay for a single guy to say no to a girl thats interested in him simply because he feels she is not the thing he is looking for? Why does it have to be about other girls?

One time I said no to a girl and she immediately took it out on another girl that was close to me and rationalised that I said No because i was more interested in the other girl and when i explained that that was not the case, that actually I do not feel that way about her then she looked at it like I was making her feel like she was not good enough! So then I showed her that actually she is good enough but simply not my choice, but by that time my actions to make her understand that it has nothing to do with her not being good enough she was smitten by the way i had treated her and hence was in love with me!!

Acting otherwise at that point looks like you are the hypocrite and you are playing with her heart and an an arrogant sonofabitch!! And to think she fell for your act, all along she thought you cared?? You used her, she trusted you and now you're discarding her like a rug, you are a monster, you are just like all the other guys, in fact you are worse than all the other guys because with them at least she knew where she was standing when it came to how they regarded her and in your case you pretended to like her for your own selfish satisfaction!!
Despite everything you do to try and have a nice outcome for the both of you, the more complicated and screwed up it becomes!

So i take it that a guy should flat out disagree to have anything to do with the girl the minute she displays intentions to have something more with the guy if he is not interested in that kind of outcome because trying to deal with it will just have a very nasty outcome! But then again we can explore the other angle ...

Girl likes boy and boy does not want to get into it because their friendship is at stake here so boy withdraws and acts distant because that will put girl off or so he thinks, so what does girl do?
She ambushes boy with what the hell is wrong with him, why doesn't he care for his friend anymore? So boy talks to girl and tells her why? Girl is very upset about his lack of feelings and she gives him hell about how typical he is!! So guy is like fine we can be friends i guess but then girl acts upset and jealous every time he is with his other girls in his life, and even more upset wen he shows interest in another girl?
Sooner or later girl snaps and calls him a monster for not respecting her feelings by making her look so not good enough by being more attracted to another other than her!

So at this point guy decides its much better to keep that distance after all and has made a nice foe out of a friend?
Soon enough yes you feel hunted n haunted for being a bad guy and you are enemy number 1 in many female circles.
If someone has other opinions, you are welcome to contribute ...

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  1. So, this is the HARD way to become a bad guy?! Then I must be a bad guy in many circles by now. At least, I don't have to be sorry for something I didn't do.