Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Time is passing fast and I lose myself in life
Wonder what happened to speed it up
One moment can’t wait to fill the other
So much to do, so many people to see
And yet somehow
It always seems too late
For one thing if not the other
But yet still
Am afraid I might lose myself
Trying to keep track of time
What’s the lesser evil?
Once we had the time of our lives
Where did it all go?
Who did we become?
Did we change or did the times change?
And what’s worse
Is that it’s beyond my control
Even when I would like to
I can’t blame this one on me
Relentless time will not stop just because I am grieving
It will walk on by through the good and bad
Maliciously fast forward past the part when there’s an actual smile on my face
To crawl with the trudge of my miserable days
And here I am struggling to keep up

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