Friday, 28 December 2012


Alone feeling left out, he sat down and wrote. Some people sing, others talk, pray or paint. He writes. He sat down and wrote his heart out, wrote about how misunderstood he is; wrote about his dreams and goals. He found a best friend in the pen in his hands because only then, only when he wrote did he feel understood fully. He poured all his sorrows and joys on those fine blank pages; smeared his pain all over, let the pain drain out through the ink bleeding onto the bright fresh pages. On these pages he picked and resolved all his fights; lived here ever so fiercely and expressed all the things he’d always left unsaid.
We all have our expressions but to me nothing empowers as deeply as him who writes. The beauty is in the creative process and the creation is just an added reward. There’s an artist in all of us. Whether we use gadgets as our form of expression- invent machines, paint; take photos or animate them with special effects; we are all drawn to an infinite need to express creatively.
Life is art not science …
Every chemical finds expression in its function, non living things are ARTificial for a reason, they were born out of a need to express. And here are my expressions …

Y’know some people never get the luxury to go back to their beginnings but I do every year. Some people just never realize when to stop! Just stop adding things. Getting more things is not the way to achieve fulfillment. I suggest you streamline what you have; let it blossom for you. Some people never realize they have everything they ever wanted. Truth is, no matter what you get, it may never be enough. You’re always worried about ensuring you never lose what you got and you think the solution is to heap on more stuff.
Being back home I got a chance to observe my lil cousin sister. She is so happy watching boring telenovelas on local TV stations and I can’t imagine ever having been thrilled by local TV programs which obviously every one in my generation did. I cant recall having the simple pleasure of  watching just TV. Now I need a TV, digital TV decoder, laptop, home-theatre with surround sound, laptop, internet, smart mobile phone, video calls et al to achieve the same thrill as my lil cousin. Even then, upgrades, upgrades is the name of the game. We are drowning in this stuff and I miss how simple life used to be when my only entertainment was the family TV. I miss how personal relationships used to be. Being home reminds me of the simplicity of it all.
chilling in the stillness
 I would love for my kids to have a starting point like this so that even if they fell this far, there would be so much beauty in starting over; in being back at your starting point, in not fearing to take the fall because it’s well where you have been.

Has anyone ever contemplated the term ‘STILL’?

There’s a total standpoint to it, a perfect pause; a total lack of action and yet …

A resounding unendingness to it  like … like something unresolved; like its never over; like a pattern of continuity that you can’t quite place your fingers on, a hope for something more, a reassurance of eternal presence …
Am come to that point; am at still. My mastermind is smiling. It feels great to meet still and its revelations.

 It grows darker and I must move on because it’s not good to stay still for too long or it might lose its magic and trap you on its forever paused side.
 There really are two sides to everything.
Even in the stillness there’s a playlist in my head. Even when I don’t have headphones on I can hear it. There’s more than one purpose to everything living. Take senses for example; they are gathering memories and here I thought there's only one way to do that. My memories are gathered and stored in my senses , sights I see, sounds I hear, smells and things I touch remind me of a time when some things meant so much or meant so little. It’s amazing that even blind men have memories of things colorful. 
something beautiful
‘I remember …” is the most powerful tool of exulting our aliveness. It means I have been here before and I still am.
This is a dedication to the things that influence us without our knowledge because today I am proud of whatever and whoever made me by acknowledging am proud of me. Cheers to that and to those who appreciate what am talking about.
For a while it didn't matter if I was out of touch. Its good to get away from it all for a lil while and get some perspective. Right now I see things clear.
We keep some friends in our lives for a reason and to those that aren’t in our lives anymore, look at it this way... what never made it in the journals is the biggest and best part we ever experienced.
Epic stories are not written on pages, they are written in the hearts of those whose lives we touched. 
I never set out to be a great athlete, I just did what I loved and at a certain point you get driven by who you meet; you meet people who get convinced that you have it in you to be a champion so for a while you feed off someone’s purpose for you and you accomplish his goals and dreams. It doesn't change the fact that you just wanted to do what you love in the first instance. So cheers to those who pushed you to greater heights; you made their dreams come true. He can go tell an epic story about you now.
Love doesn’t conquer all, it has always been in us, love just provided the means. Let love go tell an epic story about us. What is important is that we lived it. We made it happen. We inspired something beautiful. We made it a reason for there to be a reason. Every human is an epic story.
And with that I come to the end of my moment in the stillness …

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